Saturday, September 3, 2011

Draw and Foldover - a drawing

I just posted about Draw and Foldover. You can look at the drawings that people have done (disclaimer: there might be objectionable drawings on that site so be aware) and you can see them being drawn - always fun to watch an artist at work!

Draw and Foldover - interactive drawing

I found Draw and Foldover last year from The Big Draw and I had forgotten about it. It's a game that I showed the class on one of the Magical Mondays where you take a piece of paper, fold it and then take turns drawing on one of the folded sections. Each person draws on just one section, then passes it on to the next person who is not allowed to peek at the previous drawing/s. When it's done, the paper is unfolded and the random drawing revealed! I just learned recently from my I'm So Bored The Doodle Notebook that this is called exquisite corpse - a strange name for sure but a fun way to exercise your creative muscles.

Go play the game - they give you the drawing tools and all you need is your computer and mouse/touchpad. Plus, someone's email to send your drawing to. If you play, please feel free to send your drawing to me - I'd love to play!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artist: Jayme McGowan

Jayme McGowan. This amazing artist makes neat art by cutting all kinds of paper and building layers to form an image. Check it out on Roadside Projects. It's so cool!

ArtWalk on the Bay

I'll post art events as I find out about them on my blog. Here's one that is coming up in September. ArtWalk on the Bay. I took my girls to the (related) Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy over the summer and we all enjoyed every minute of it. Rows and Rows (aisles and aisles) of artists booths - all kinds of art styles. So much to take in if you like art. They have kids activities too - check it all out on their website!

Also - September is Arts Month in San Diego!

Zombie Prom Art Exhibit @ Nucleus

At Gallery Nucleus! It's a Zombie Prom art exhibit. It's an all-ages exhibit so if your kids like this kind of art (or if you do) go check it out. I haven't yet been to the gallery, but found out about them a couple months ago when I happened upon their Harry Potter tribute art exhibit. He's doing a drawing demo too!

Here's more about Zombie Prom - from Gallery Nucleus' website. Join us as we follow the lovable zombie, Mortimer, on his search for a date to the Cupid’s Ball. He tries wooing girls with worm-infested chocolates, bloody human hearts, and stunning diamond rings (with fingers still intact). He even reads up on love advice, serenades women on sidewalks, and takes ballroom dancing lessons, but nothing seems to impress the ladies. When Mortimer places an ad in the newspaper in the hopes of finding a sweetheart, will he finally meet the love of his afterlife?

Find out as Nucleus presents an exhibition of charming illustrations straight from Scott C’s forthcoming children’s book, Zombie in Love, written by bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio. The featured artwork from the book’s pages, old favorites from Scott C’s previous Nucleus shows, and copies of the book will all be available for purchase.

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